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lucy essays

lucy essays The behaviorist approach leads us to believe that personality consists of all of an individuals behaviors. According to Skinner all behavior is determined by contingencys of reinforcment, based on the type and frequency of the reinforcment. If this is true, then we are more apt to repeat behaviors that are rewarded and less apt to repeat punished behaviors. The expirence Id like to share about my reinforcment procedure involves my dog Lucy. Lucy is a chow and black labrador mix. Currently Lucy is one and half years old. I have used reinforcment while training her to respond in a conditioned way. Lucys favorite food is sliced american cheese. Using the cheese as a conditioned stimulus, I have trained Lucy to give a desired conditioned response. When I told Lucy to sit and she did, I would give her a slice of cheese. So Lucy eventually became aquaintede with the slice of cheese being a reward of sitting on command. The partial reinforcment schedule used for Lucy was on a variable ratio. She did not receive a slice of cheese each time she responded to the command. It was on an average of every three responses that she was rewarded. I did not want a fixed ratio because I did not want Lucy to expect a slice of cheese every time someone had it. Lucy is at the point where she now does not have to be told to sit. As she hears the refridgerator door open, she becomes alert to the activity going on inside. Lucy will run over to the refridgerator. Once the cheese is taken out of the draw, Lucy recognizes the sound of the wrapper. Lucy reacts on this discriminative stimulu and will sit on her own in order to revieve the slice of cheese. Knowing that cheese is her favorite food, I also use it as a negative reinforcment. Lucy loves to run out the door when people enter the house. I live on a street that gets a good deal of traffic, let alone it is ilegal for her to be running around loose. Afraid th...

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How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List ( What to Know First)

How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List ( What to Know First) How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller List Do you want to learn how to get on the New York Times Bestseller list?If soyou may have the common aspiration to become a bestselling author. The prestige, the title, and the credibilty are all super temptingBut theres more to landing on the NYT Bestseller list than just writing a book and hoping it gets there.Heres how to get on the New York Times Bestseller list:Understand what the NYT Bestseller list is looking forObtain fast and diverse salesEstablish a large author platformHave a pre-order list before your launchGet paid for speaking in bulk book purchasesIf you want to skip right down to these steps, click right here.Otherwise, stick around so that you can gain a further understanding of what it actually means and what it truly takes to get on the New York Times Bestseller list.NOTE: If you want to become a bestselling author in a way thats truly impactful, check out our VIP Self-Publishing Program to learn how to make it happen. Learn more about it hereWhy do authors want to g et on the New York Times Bestseller list?Getting published in the New York Times Bestseller list is traditionally regarded as the gold standard in the publishing world. While many notable bestseller lists exist in the publishing world - The Wall Street Journal bestseller list for business-themed books, for instance- the New York Times Bestseller list, published weekly since 1931, is the oldest and most prestigious list. To that extent, getting your work published on the list is a major deal. Getting published on the Times’ list not only raises your profile as an established author but can offer many more opportunities.Here are some benefits of becoming an NYT Bestselling author:Land future writing contracts with established printing housesBroader industry recognitionEstablish you as a major thought leader and expertProvide increased sales particularly if you are a lesser-known writerLend a good deal of bragging rights. Best Seller Lists are EvolvingPerhaps the most important thing to understand about the New York Times Bestseller list is that it is an evolving list. It always has been and, as historical and more recent trends seem to suggest, probably always will be. To be fair, it is not only the Times. Only as recent as 1995 did the Los Angeles Times begin to count paperbacks again on its bestseller list. Further back in time, in 1961, the Chicago Tribune more infamously denied certain high-selling books that it considered to be â€Å"sewer written by dirty fingered authors for dirty-minded readers† from appearing on its Bestseller list. Various genres and classic works of literature have historically not appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list.   The recent explosion of E-books (The Times began counting them in 2010), self-published books, and audiobooks have also contributed to a more evolving list.How do best seller lists work?The New York Times Bestseller list is made up of various lists divided by different categories such as fict ion and non-fiction, hardcover, paperback, Ebooks, audiobooks, and various book genres.For you, the aspiring writer whose goal it is to be published in the their Bestseller list, probably the most important thing to know is what is worth writing if you are to get your work published on the list. Again, The New York Times does not consider various categories for their bestseller list. A helpful article published on their site about their various guidelines and scoring method clarifies the matter. Here is what those guidelines state: â€Å"Among the categories not actively tracked at this time are: perennial sellers, required classroom reading, textbooks, reference and test preparation guides, e-books available exclusively from a single vendor, journals, workbooks, calorie counters, shopping guides, periodicals and crossword puzzles.†Cookbooks, contrary to popular belief, are included, as are religion, spirituality, and faith books. The NYT Bestseller â€Å"List† is Not a True Measure of Bestselling StatusIt may seem contradictory and still remains controversial to say but it is nonetheless true: The New York Times Bestseller list does not represent a true best-seller listthat is, when accounting for actual total sales. Just what constitutes â€Å"Bestseller† status has been the decades-long battle legal, political, commercial, and otherwise between- the Times, various authors, and book publishers. Like any traditional gatekeeper, the Times has its set of rules, standards, and procedures. As such, they hold the â€Å"keys† as to â€Å"who† gets in. It is best to think of New York Times Bestseller status as something that is subjective in nature. A book that becomes a New York Times Bestseller doesn’t necessarily have to sell millions of copies, or hundreds of thousands, for that matter. While book sales do meet the subjective criteria that the Times uses, it is a specific kind of â€Å"book sale† that counts towa rd New York Times Bestseller status. Moreover, given the explosion of online sales and the diminishing number of traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores (and, consequently, bookstore sales) the sales methodology behind how books are counted has influenced which books appear or do not appear on the list. As explained in a recent article about how to become a best-selling author and how to appear on a bestseller list, its stated that the New York Times in particular, when tallying books for bestseller status, considers:Books that sold in a very specific time period: The Times does not track cumulative sales. Hence, why the Bible, the best-selling book of all time, will not appear on the list. Books like Don Quixote and The Tale of Two Cities, worldwide beloved classics that have sold millions over the years, also will not appear. Dan Brown’s Davinci Code, however, will appear, as it did for several years between 2003 and 2006. Books sold at very specific places: certain book sa les are â€Å"weighted† more favorably depending on where they originate. Bulk sales, under certain conditions, are counted toward bestseller status; ebooks published by a sole vendor are not, etc.Again, the Times explains this in more detail on their site. What Writers Need to Know About the New York Times Bestseller ListEven though it retains its prestigious reputation, The New York Times Bestseller list has been the subject of much controversy. Charges of â€Å"curated elitism,† an overreliance on books published by the major New York publishing houses, questionable methodologies, bribery, editorial and political bias have prompted lawsuits and intense debates among authors, book publishers, and industry executives.A 1983 lawsuit by William Beatty, an American writer best known for his novel The Exorcist and 1973 movie by the same name, is a case in point. While his book Legion sold many copies during its initial publication- enough to earn a comfortable spot for a while on the Times’ Bestseller list- his book appeared on the list only for one week.Sensing bias and claiming that by it not remaining on the Times’s list his sales were being hurt, Beatty took his case to Court. In Court, the Times defended itself on grounds that â€Å"The list did not purport to be an objective compilation of information but instead was an editorial product.† The Court sided with the Times, dismissing a $3 million lawsuit. Think of it like this: The New York Times is the newspaper equivalent to a prestigious university and fashionable high-end clothing brand. When it comes to getting on their bestseller list, just as it is for gaining admission to, say, an Ivy League School, few get in.For those that do, they did their due diligence, worked incredibly hard, made great contacts, followed the rules, met the editorial standards, among other things.How to Get on the New York Times Bestseller ListIf you really have your hearts set on becoming a Ne w York Times bestselling author, here are some of the things youll have to do in order to make it happen.#1 Know What the NYT List wantsA Stanford Business Schoolanalysis done years ago concluded by saying that the majority of book buyers seem to use the Times list as a signal of whats worth reading.Knowing what the Times regards as a bestseller is important because it provides a helpful window into this segment of the bestselling publishing world. It helps to know what is currently passing for a New York Times Bestseller.Simply start with the category in which you would like to be published: fiction, non-fiction. Beyond that, genre: history, political, fantasy, science-fiction. It helps too to know who the Big Players are.The Times is known to favor the Big New York publishing houses. Who are these? What are their submission guidelines? Who are some agents known for working with them?Do you have what it takes to become a bestselling author? Take our quiz to find out!Click Here to Save Your Spot#2 Obtain fast and diverse sales In the age of digital self-publication and promotion, the traditional publishing route is virtually a thing of the past. Not so for a New York Times Bestseller. Unlike selling on digital mediums where you can become a Bestseller by selling your book on, say, Amazon, to whomever, wherever, becoming a New York Times Bestseller follows a different system.To achieve bestseller status on the Times not only do you have to sell at least 5,000 10,000 copies in one week, but these sales have to be diverse sales.That is, you cannot sell 10,000 books to a pre-existing list of followers through a personal website or thousands from only one marketplace like Barnes and Noble.Rather, these sales must flow from retailers across the country and in different geographical locations- everything from Big-Box chains like Barnes and Noble and Walmart, small independent book stores, E-commerce giant Amazon, university bookstores, etc.It is worth noting tha t the public does not have access to who the aforementioned retail outlets are. To prevent possible abuse from those looking to rig the system.#3 Build a Strong Author PlatformFor first-time and lesser-known authors it is especially critical to have a pre-existing audience before attempting New York Times bestseller status.This is how you can start to build your author platform and audience:Be active on social media: it goes without saying, people- potential followers, collaborators, industry leaders, publishers, agents, and readers- exist in the digital space. Find them, connect with them, and collaborate, if possible.Be already building credibility / expertise on your particular niche / topic / passion: write a weekly blog, as an example. This is perfect practice to hone your writing skills, develop your voice and writing styles, conduct research for your eventual book. The goal is to establish trust and credibility.Collaborate with others in your particular area for more knowled ge and broader exposure: if you want to get in with the Big Wigs you got to know your stuff. Once you have built up some credibility you can leverage this and reach out to important figures in your field. It is a win-win-win for you, the person you are reaching out to and the audience that is set to gain important information from the two of you.Engage with your audience: Assess your audience’s â€Å"book pulse:† how hungry are they for your words of wisdom, unique insight, creative mind? What questions are you asking them? What have they had to say about your previous blog posts, vlogs, tweets, etc? Are they genuinely impressed, suggesting you write a book perhaps?Maybe they are giving you more fuel for your book- telling you about things you had previously not known before, mentioning other books that further your expertise? Engagement is key. What, if any, do you have with your audience?#4 Have a Pre-Order List Before Your Book Launch You should have such a list f or any book you seek to publish. For a potential New York Times Bestseller it is especially important from a sales perspective.Rob Eager, a notable book marketing consultant, explains that, in the case of a New York Times Bestseller, all pre-orders sold before a book launch are counted during the first week of official sales. So, for instance, 5,000 sold during pre-release and another 5,000 during the first official week equals 10,000 total books sold- a critical number to reach during the first week for New York Times Bestseller status.Having a pre-order list works hand-in-hand with a pre-existing audience. If you already have the audience it is, of course, easier to have a ready pre-order list. If you are successful enough to have both of these before launch you are in good shape.#5 Exchange speaking fee for a bulk book purchasesWhile it may not be the best course for everyone, speaking engagements are incredible opportunities to double-down on your writing endeavors and entrepre neurial goals more broadly.They are not only great confidence-boosters but serve as great book marketing opportunities. Exchanging speaking fees for a bulk book purchase is especially important during the pre-order phase because it allows you not only reach a broader audience (and hopefully make more sales) but allows you to meet the Times’ requirement that book purchases be in different geographic areas. New York Times Bestseller Status vs. Writing as Means to an EndGiven the age of digital entrepreneurship where self-publishing a book continues to gain significant traction, effectively taking down the traditional barriers of entry- publishing industry contacts, top-notch agents, and costly marketing plans- it is really up to you to figure out your writing goals.Traditional publishing with the aim of appearing on an internationally-recognized Bestseller list like the Times versus self-publishing with the aim of achieving personal / business goals (and potential Bestseller st atus just not in the Times) is a tradeoff you’ll have to consider. Remember publishing a book is not an end in and of itself. With its ability to boost your name, reputation, and authority, not to mention, depending on your industry, land you more consulting clients and speaking gigs, writing a book can open up some pretty amazing doors. A successful published book is a marketing tool like no other.Whatever path you choose, keep in mind that achieving Bestseller status in places other than the New York Times Bestseller List has been proven to land equally promising and lucrative opportunities. And we are just in the beginning phases of this amazing trend. Self-Publishing School is here to help. Good luck.Are you ready to become a bestselling author where it matters?Yes, landing on the NYT Bestseller list will get you more book sales but becoming a bestselling author elsewhere is much easier and more attainable- with our methods, at least.

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AEGON Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

AEGON - Research Paper Example Apart from the qualitative methods of data collection named above, other quantities methods of data collection such as experiments and conducting surveys got used. Among the findings was that the organization has sought to improve personal and community development in different aspects as well as growing and developing worldwide. Some organizations, including learning and non-learning institutions, profitable and nonprofitable firm, have sought the need to expand globally in their fields of service provision. Other groups have realized the importance of developing in their service provision as well as introducing new ventures that can drive them in the realization of their set goals and objectives. Some have employed business experts to carry out researches on various available business opportunities around the world that they can venture in, with the primary goal of profit realization. In the process of exploring the different available business opportunities, some firms have sought to generate incomes and later use them for community development, personal development as well as the improving the general welfare of the society. To realize these, some organizations and other institutions have employed some strategies such as blueprint strategy, online marketing, product differentiation and improving product qualities among others (Vermaat, 1997, 11). In this research paper, I am going to look at the AEGON organization, as a global firm that is seeking to realize its goals of global expansion and international business. I am going to see the growth of the organization, its international business, as well as the marketing strategies used by the institution in meeting the needs in various international markets. This organization is one of the top global organizations in the financial industry, offering financial services such as the provision of life assurance, pensions to the retired employees and management of various

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DETAILS OF ASSIGNMENTS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

DETAILS OF ASSIGNMENTS - Essay Example Combined with unprofessional clinicians that provided support, I found a new lease on dying and the processes involved that have far-reaching consequences on family and the victim. Most children do not think of death and dying nor contemplate its somewhat grotesque cultural symbolism, instead they are too busy considering peer relationships or the receipt of their next reward for good behaviour. Perceptions of death at the childhood level are usually ambiguous sensations that occur when exposed to different death scenarios, such as the loss of a distanced great-grandmother. It is not until adulthood arrives that the individual begins to think about death, reinforced by different retirement packages offered by companies or other cultural symbols, and wonders about the realities of death as an unstoppable outcome to living. I have always had a form of thanaphobia, which is fear of dying or death, and of the dead (Aiken, 2000). It is likely a product of different media images, such as Michael Jackson’s â€Å"Thriller† which depicts the gruesome, mangled aspects of death that come from decomposition. Perhaps it was built as a combination of different stimuli related to death, such as news reports that highlight the crushed automobile that reinforce our absolute frailty as human beings. Until Aunt Linda was diagnosed with cancer, I had been able to calm my mild thanaphobia and just accept that it would be an eventual part of my life cycle that should be accepted, but rarely reflected upon. It was her response to having terminal cancer and the emotional phases that this once-vibrant woman went through that forever changed my view of dying and transformed mild thanaphobia into a full-blown case of it. When an individual is told they have a terminal illness, they often reach a stage in coping referred to as anger, where the individual looks for someone to fault for their problem, such as the doctor, God, or anyone they

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How Should America Handle Illegal Immigration? Essay -- American Histo

200 years ago the very first immigrants arrived on American soil. The United States established itself upon the concept of immigrants but a great debate of how immigration policies will take effect goes on still today. The controversy: how should the United States and Mexico handle legal and illegal immigration? More and more immigrants arrive illegally in search for a better life. In just the last fifteen years, a tremendous increase of illegal immigrants came to the United States. They believe 700,000 per year† (Nadadur 1040). An estimated of 11.9 million in total (Galston Pickus and Skerry 89). Many Americans feel the opposite, as if the American Dream will be lost in the balance with so many immigrants. Both points of views increase to the intensity of the controversy. The United States will always stand tall, known as a nation formed by immigrants journeying towards a better life. The question; how does this great nation balance the reality with the need to uphold freedom of choice and national rule of law? Many intelligent and ambitious people have the desire to bring their talents and gifts to America. Rarely does a country offer the privileges that the United States offers. Whether it is towards education or work the opportunities are limitless. We as Americans have the freedom to choose and to make the best of our future. Only in America where we can dream of being a â€Å"nobody† but eventually we can become a â€Å"somebody†. Over the history of the United States we have seen such examples. Hakeem Olajuwon was born January 21, 1963 in Nigeria. Nicknamed, â€Å"The Dream,† Olajuwon led the Rockets to the NBA championship in 1994 and 1995, and was voted the league’s most valuable player for the 1993-94 season. â€Å"The Dream† became an Ame... ...disastrous, and hugely costly in human terms. Neighborhoods would be torn apart, families would be separated, and a new and sorry chapter in American race relations would be written† (90) The American people just like the Mexican people press forward in the journey of happiness and continue to search for a better quality of life. The constitution of the United States of America states, â€Å"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.† With morals and standards like these guiding the United States, a better quality of life and happiness will be found by both the American and Mexican people.

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Alcohol intoxication and edgar allan poe’s ‘the haunted palace’

It is unfair to immediately conclude something of a poem because as is normal with poetry, such is given to various interpretations.   While common interpretations of Poe’s ‘The Haunted Palace’ seem to assert confirmedly that the poem describes somebody dying with tuberculosis, this particular interpretation seems to be very faulty in many aspects because it is an interpretation that concretizes the already concrete images in the poem.In poetry, emotions and abstractions are concretized using tangible images, in which case, the interpretation of any piece of poetry should be dependent on the emotions that these concrete images convey and not on the additional concrete images that can be gleaned for the existing imagery in the poem, otherwise, this would cause ambiguity in the reading.   This is what happened with the ‘tuberculosis’ interpretation – another concrete image was read into the already concrete imagery in the poem.   It would b e wise to offer another reading of the poem, in this case, it has to be argued that instead of the tuberculosis interpretation a more accurate reading of the poem would be to consider alcohol intoxication, after all, other than just the images in the poem, the author, Poe was also given to alcoholism after the various tragedies in his life.To start this argument, it would first be best to consider why the previous interpretation of death by tuberculosis is faulty.   The reason for this faultiness is that an initial general reading of the poem was applied, and some of the finer details were disregarded in favor of the general reading.   To illustrate these further, take for instance the passage, â€Å"Through which came flowing/†¦A troop of echoes,/ whose sweet duty was but to sing† (27-30) – most readers interpret this as blood spit, however, there is nothing in these lines that present an image of one coughing out blood; these lines are more accurately alludi ng to someone who is talking gibberish, hence, the follow-up lines, â€Å"In voices of surpassing beauty,/the wit and wisdom of their king† (31-32)Most readers interpret this as being someone who is coughing up blood, but if read again carefully, the lines actually speak of someone who is incomprehensible, talking without ‘wit and wisdom’. (32)Another instance in the poem where a faulty reading is made is with the fifth stanza, this stanza is actually where the ‘haunting’ begins in the poem because this stanza talks about how the ‘monarch’ (34) dies.   There are readings of the poem that interpret this as the plague that killed the ‘monarch’ (34), however, if the lines are perused slowly, no such plague can be read into the poem.Others would argue that, â€Å"But evil things, in robes of sorrow† (33) personify the sickness of the king, but if this line is dissected it has to be noticed that what is being referred to here are ‘things’ (33), perhaps to mock the integrity of those whom this line is intended; and these ‘things’ (33) are in ‘robes of sorrow’ (33); the only ones who wore robes during the era of chivalry were knights and other nobility.These lines show how faultily the poem was interpreted by those who interpreted it as being the description of a head or someone dying with tuberculosis.Moving on, the next step would be to fortify the argument that, indeed, the poem is about drunkenness.   There are many details in the poem that point this particular subject matter out.Initially, let us consider the general theme of the poem – reading through it, it may be interpreted to be about someone who was initially a man of the people, and eventually, after succumbing to alcoholism, becomes introvert, depressed, and isolated from society.   The ‘death’ in the poem may be interpreted not as physical death but the death of a particula r aspect of a human person, such as his social affiliations, his sanity, or his soul.   This is validated in the end of the poem as will be explained in detail shortly.To begin the discussion of the poem and alcoholism, let us first consider the narrative of the poem which is shown in the first three stanzas.   In these stanzas, which are mostly descriptions of the palace, various allusions are noticed.For instance, in the second stanza, â€Å"Banners yellow, glorious, golden/on its roof did float and flow† (9-10); as opposed to the common interpretation of this being representative of the blond hair of the king in the poem, a more accurate interpretation would come from the Puritan tradition.Yellow ribbons have their origins in the English Civil War when members of the Puritan Army of English Parliament wore yellow ribbons.   This is also the origin of the ‘yellow-ribbon-tied-around-a-tree’ tradition which represents waiting for someone.Therefore, these pa ssages may just simply allude to the Puritan background of the poem, or perhaps, to the fact that the occupant of the palace is waiting for someone’s return.The parenthesized lines, â€Å"(This-all this-was in the olden/Time long ago,)† (11-12)   So, with these lines, it is easily concluded that the occupant of the palace has been waiting for someone for a very long time, which perhaps could be the reason for the development of melancholy, â€Å"Along the ramparts plumed and pallid,/A winged odor went away.†(15-16) The ‘spirits’ (14) in the third stanza do not refer to the ‘ghost’ that we might suppose them to be, but to actual persons – just as it might be used in the idiomatic expression ‘there was not a single soul in sight†.It is clear from the three stanzas of the narrative of the poem that there is nothing that talks about ‘tuberculosis’ or ‘death’.   These first three stanzas simpl y set the tone for a paradox as the poem progresses.   The poem is a mini story and as such, it has all the elements of a piece of prose, only rendered in poetry.   The images are very vivid and it is quite surprising that anyone would interpret it as something else more than just what it is actually saying.

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Racial Tension - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1104 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/16 Category Genetics Essay Type Argumentative essay Topics: Conflict Essay Discrimination Essay Did you like this example? Every individual and every country in world are facing with racial tension. Racial tension can be described as, groups of people or more than one race who live around the same area and they are facing a serious conflict with each other. The effect of racial tension can be a everybody’s worst nightmare, but the most important is to study the causes of racial tension. The reason to study the causes of racial tension is to understand why and how racial tension happens, rather than pointing finger with eye closed. Discrimination among people is common factors that cause a racial tension. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (1991),† the definition of discrimination is involve an action of unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice† (wordreference, para. 1). There are a several types of discrimination which is can be categories into race, gander and age. The obvious types of discrimination that cause a racial tension is race, and this because of the differences of skin colour, culture, history background and social. Based on Malaysian historical context, there was an event where the 3 major races which are Malay, Chinese and Indian were separated at the early in the beginning. Malaysia during the times under the colonization of British, there are a huge migration form China and India to Malaysia by the British. The purpose of the immigration is to fulfil the vacancy that available in Malaysia so that the British can produce more products to export as well as they can establish their economical power in South East Asia. This is when it all stated, discrimination between races among Malay, Chinese and Indian by British. British discriminate these 3 major races in Malaysia by separated them by economically, Malay working as fisherman, Chinese working as a mine digger and Indian working at the estate. Without realizing, the British also socially separated them from being connected to each other especially Indian who live in the woods away from others. Politic is one of the reasons that cause a racial tension. By spreading of doctrines politic game can affect an individual mind and behaviour, or in the bigger picture the entire citizen of the country. All the political party in the world have their own motives or objective to achieve and mostly to rule the country. They fight for what they want and what they believe, mostly by spreading the ideology among the people. Before Malaysian independence were announce, there are a lot of political party were founded in order to fight for independence over British. The majority of the party are actually based on ethnicity and the parties were not based in ethnicity did not receive sustained support. Even though the all the parties have the same objective which is to fight for independent, at the same time they also wanted to protect their own interest especially opposition parties. In the struggle to win the election, the oppo sition party like MCP (Malaysian Chinese Party) bringing up a very sensitive issue in order to get more supporters among the Chinese and the Indians. The issue was to abolishing a Malay special privilege and it actually against Malaysian constitution. This is where all the Malay unites and stands up against the issues and because of this there were riot all around Malaysia that cost thousands of lives. Politic is one of the biggest influences that can cause a racial tension among people, especially to democratic country like Malaysia. Lack of understanding in terms of religious views is the major factors that lead to racial tension, not just involve only in one country but also people in the whole world. What religion actually means? There are a lot of definition of religion depends on the individual, but based on my understand, religion is a basic set of beliefs which is involve spiritual, faithfulness, devotion to god, practice and worship in order to get to heaven and re-unite s with God. Literally, religion is a â€Å"law of life† which promote people to do good things in life, teach human being what love is, and generally religious is a guideline for human being to be a better person that can lead to happiness. Based on the statistic (2007) â€Å"there are over 4,200 religions all around the world available such as Christianity, Islam and others† (Religion of the world section, para. 2). By the total numbers of human population, 6. 7 billion people only 16% of them are non-practical religious. These show why religion is the biggest influence to people around the world. Even though religion taught people to live their life positively, religion still can cause a racial tension. There are 32 religious wars involve Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhist and Hinduism, and out of 32 wars 12 series of wars is a war between Christianity and Islam which held in Jerusalem or also known as Holy Land. Crusade is a longest war known to mankind, a nd it was between Crusaders and Muslim to conquer the Holy Land. For Christian, Holy Land is a special to them because Holy Land is a place where Jesus where born, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Same goes for Muslim, Holy Land seems important because Jerusalem is a place where Mosque Al-Aqsa located and the last place that Prophet Muhammad go to visit before he goes up to heaven. Since the place is so special to both religion and religion taught people a moral value, but why there are still wars in Jerusalem up until today? The key to the problem is that they do not actually understand or lack of understanding. If both leaders of the 2 religions can understand each other, they make an announcement to stop the war and start to learn how to share. As we all can see today discrimination of race, political games and lack of understanding in terms of religious view is the major causes that contribute to racial tension. Many people know that racial tension can on ly lead to negative result such as fight, war and the wost that i can imagine is death, but there are same thing keep repeating over and over again. This is still happening because it is involve not only an individual belief but also the whole community. There is a group people also known as â€Å"hippies† who against racial problem in 60’s and 70’s, but they failed. To reduce racial tension is to educate the young generation with history about racial tension, so that they can evaluate the situation and consequences without judging based on the religion, race, gander and background. Based on my research, racial tension is impossible to stop because it is part of human nature. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Racial Tension" essay for you Create order